Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area

"Whenever I receive treatment from Craig, I feel as though I've been touched by an angel."
-- Kate A.

"I had an ultra high-risk pregnancy. Craig's skillful and compassionate care helped me overcome a history of miscarriage, manage major health challenges, and even turn my breech baby. My entire family knows him as 'the miracle worker.'"
-- Alison G.

"My husband and I loved Craig's yoga and massage for labor workshop. We learned so much, and it was a real eye opener to the non-conventional labor and birthing options available." 
  -- Jenn P. and Guy S.

"If you are looking for a great acupuncturist, look no further. Craig Marble is the real deal. I came to him with very chronic insomnia, stress, hot flashes and menopausal concerns. My treatments with him have been great.  Craig really knows his stuff, and he is humble and kind. No foo foo fancy pants stuff here. Craig is easy to talk with, he is not judgmental and he is very funny. I have experienced much better results with acupuncture with Craig than I have with any Western medicine doctor or treatment. If you have the opportunity to see Craig, do so. You will be better for it. Craig was born to do this work."

-- J.G.

"I just got home from seeing Craig for some pregnancy-related pain and he was wonderful. I was nervous as it was my first experience with acupuncture, but he put me at ease and really took the time to listen to my questions and concerns about how it all works, what is going on with my baby and my changing body, etc. He is warm, friendly, knowledgeable, and gentle. And the needles were not scary at all. I highly recommend Craig!"

-- Shannon M.

"I had been having trouble with soreness in my back and chest for several years, and started going to Craig again every other week for about 2 months.  By the 4th time I saw him, I had even forgotten why I was going - the soreness had dissipated.  But, I had a few more sessions because he has such a soothing presence and I felt like pampering myself ;-) I would highly recommend him for soreness and pain, as well as hormonal issues (which he has also helped me with in the past)."

-- Sophie D.

"Craig is an excellent acupuncturist - especially for someone afraid of needles!  He really put me at ease about the whole process, and now I don't mind them (hardly) at all.  His acupuncture treatments helped me several times.  Most impressive was when I was training for a marathon and injured my leg and he got me back out there running within just a few treatments! He has also worked on 2 of my best friends who were trying to get pregnant.  One got pregnant within a few weeks, but continued treatments since they helped her with the pregnancy.  Another took closer to 6 months of treatment to get pregnant, but she was ecstatic when it finally happened! Craig also does Orthopedic Massage which is my favorite!! Just thinking about it makes me want to schedule another appointment!  Plus, he is warm and friendly and puts you at ease about treatment."

-- Sophie D.

"Craig is a healer and knows his acupuncture. He has healed me through flus and helped me through pregnancy. I sleep like a baby after I see him and my anxiety is abated. Not only is he knowledgeable about his profession (herbs as well), he is a gregarious and loving person with a wonderful sense of humor. He makes you feel at ease and comfortable. One of his specialties is in fertility. I highly recommend Craig!"

-- Liv A.

"I've been going to see Craig off and on for over 3 years.  The first time I went to see him, I was pretty nervous and he immediately put me at ease about the whole process.  I was getting sick over and over again (colds, strep throat, bronchitis, etc) and my immune system was shot.
He did an extensive medical history intake and discussed exactly where he was placing the needles.   I didn't feel a thing.  The first time, he stayed with me to monitor my anxieties ( I didn't have any). He was concerned about my well being.  After the first session, I felt amazing, relaxed, and better than if I had had a massage.  After a few treatments, my immune system seemed to improve.  He did spend time with me talking about the relationship between sugar and the immune system.  He is a miracle worker, but at the end of the day, I am still weak for sugar. Last year, I was suffering from situational depression.  Even though I am a runner and happily married, I couldn't shake the mild depression.  I started acupuncture with Craig twice a week.  Within one month, I started seeing bluer skies, even in foggy SF.  Craig helped me get over the hump without spending a ton of money for a therapist or taking anti-depressents. I have recommended Craig to several friends and to my husband.  He is trustworthy and really cares about his clients.  I would go to him every week if I had the time."

-- Lilly B.

"I can't say enough about Craig. I went to him when I was 33 weeks and my baby was breeched. I was nervous and anxious and didn't know what to expect as it was my first time doing acupuncture. Craig immediately put any anxiety I had at ease. He is the perfect blend of being incredibly knowledgeable and approachable. I learned so much just by sitting and talking with him. He also just has a very calming energy to him. And...he got my baby to flip around! I did two rounds of acupuncture and also 7 days of moxabustion and it worked. I will definitely be going back to Craig the next time I need acupuncture and have already sent his name on to friends."

-- Suzannah S.